PT Bunga Eskrim Indonesia Supply the Finest Gelato and Soft Ice Cream to our Business Partner Franchises.

We can supply Gelato in Pan 5 Liters for showcases, also in boxes 5 or 10 liters for Restaurants, Hotels, Parcs...

Join us as a franchise partner, or open your own Brand and explore the lucrative opportunities in the ice cream industry.

person holding ice cream
person holding ice cream

Our Products

Indulge in the finest gelato and soft ice cream experience with PT Bunga Eskrim Indonesia. We offer a wide range of more than 40 delicious flavors. Our products are made with the collaboration of a French Gelato Chef, Mr. Geoffroy which graduate from the Gelato University in Italy (Bologna in Italy), Specialist, passionate and perfectionist in Gelato and Soft Serve Italian Ice Cream.

All the recipes are calculated and balanced to the highest level, and adapted to Indonesian taste, with local products and the weather. Also, the conservation and texture is clearly better compared to import products. After many tests and research & Development, we are in measure to satisfy the best gelato places in Indonesia. From classic favorites to unique creations, our products are made with the finest ingredients to ensure a delightful experience.

We optimize the costs and adapt our products to the Indonesian Market.

  • Our gelato products are made with the utmost care and attention to detail, using only the highest quality ingredients and traditional Italian methods.

  • We Use the Best Italian Gelato Machine

We can also customize the gelato taste to make it unique for your Brand.


Discover the exciting franchise opportunities we offer and embark on your journey as an entrepreneur by opening your very own gelato shop.
We are the perfect partner you have been searching for, providing you with all the support and resources you need to succeed. Take the first step by completing the registration process to become our esteemed Franchise Partner.
This is your chance to open a store or stand that serves delectable Milky soft ice cream and/or Gelato, enticing customers with their mouthwatering flavors.

Take the leap and start your entrepreneurial journey today!

About PT Bunga Eskrim Indonesia

PT Bunga Eskrim Indonesia is a leading gelato and soft ice cream company. We specialize in supplying gelato to tourism places such as parks, hotels, and restaurants. With our own gelato and soft ice cream restaurants and stands, we offer attractive franchise opportunities for business investors. Choose from a variety of franchise options, ranging from small stands to fully-equipped gelato restaurants.

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